There will be a Meeting of the Bentham Town Council on Monday 2
December at 7.30pm in the Lower Town Hall. The public and press are invited to attend.

The press and public may not speak when the Council is in session, but they may make points during the ‘comments & concerns’ item on the agenda.

Background papers are available for viewing by appointment before the meeting. They will be circulated to Councillors in the days before the meeting.

Christine Downey

Clerk to the Council


  1. To receive Apologies from members unable to attend

  2. To receive & record any member’s Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in relation to items on the agenda and to receive and decide members requests for DPI dispensation

  3. To receive Comment & Concerns : Public participation – to hear matters raised by members of the public or Cllrs with an interest (that are allowed to speak) either on agenda items or for future consultation (NB for non-agenda items Members of the Council are not permitted to respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification)

  4. To Confirm the Minutes of the previous meetings on 4th November 2019

  5. To receive the Clerks Report (for information only)

  6. To receive the Police Report & allow members to ask questions for information - If any

  7. To receive Reports from CCllr & DCllrs (for information only) - If any

  8. Planning

    1. To consider and comment upon New Planning Applications

      1. 2019/2164/FUL Replacement windows and doors at 7-13, 15-21, 23-19 Banks Way, High Bentham, Lancaster, LA2 7JH.

      2. SNN/00536 A Street Naming and Numbering application has been received from Adam Carr Builders Ltd for the site at Gill Head Farm, Robin Lane, High Bentham, Lancaster.

    1. To receive Planning Decision - If any (see Clerks Report)

    2. To receive Correspondence on Planning Issues - If any (see Clerks Report)

    3. To devise a way of responding to planning applications that require a response prior to the next full council meeting.

  1. Highways Matters

    1. To consider suggestions received by email from Mat MacEley-Young regarding double yellow lines on brow of Robins Lane, and the disabled bay on Main Street.

    2. To consider the email from DCllr Brockbank regarding Road Safety at St Johns Church and Cedar House School and agree a way forward

    3. To consider writing to the residents of Butterbergh re fence repair

    4. To consider and comment upon Consultation on proposals to make off-street parking places amendment orders

    5. To consider and note Highway Matters for information - If any (Councillors can comment on any minor Highways issues currently causing concern.

  2. To discuss procedures for Voting at Meetings

  3. To discuss the amendments to the NALC Model Financial Regulations

  4. To discuss, and try to find ways of making the Council more friendly and less distant from its electorate

  5. To note the draft minutes of Marketing Committee meeting 11th November 2019

  6. To agree the Accounts for Payments

  7. To discuss the Annual Inspection Report on Philip Harvey Playing Field and agree a way forward

  8. To discuss the position regarding Litter Bins and agree a way forward

  9. To discuss Woodland Trust Tree Charter Day and free trees and agree a way forward

  10. To receive an update on Defibrillator Programme

  11. To discuss the position regarding Bentham Christmas Lights and agree a way forward

  12. To discuss the possible hiring out of tables

  13. To discuss position re boiler at Community Youth Building and agree a way forward

  14. To receive an update on matters relating to Climate Emergency

  15. To consider items of Correspondence

    1. Letter of 08/11/19 from NYCC re Urban Highway Grass Cutting arrangements 2020/2021

    2. Letter of 08/11/19 from Bentham Bonfire Committee

  16. To Receive Reports from Councillors who represent the Council on other bodies (for information only) - If any

  17. Items for next meeting and Minor Items only

  18. Date of next meeting

Christine Downey

Christine Downey

Clerk to the Council 27th November 2019

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