Town Clerk:
Christine Downey
Bentham Town Hall, Station Road,
Bentham, Lancaster LA2 7LH
Tel/Fax: 015242 62587
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
29 th January 2020

There will be a Meeting of the Bentham Town Council on Monday 3 rd February at 7.30pm in the
Lower Town Hall. The public and press are invited to attend.
The press and public may not speak when the Council is in session, but they may make points
during the ‘comments & concerns’ item on the agenda.
Background papers are available for viewing by appointment before the meeting. They will be
circulated to Councillors in the days before the meeting.
Christine Downey
Clerk to the Council

213. To receive Apologies from members unable to attend
214. To receive & record any member’s Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in relation to items on the
agenda and to receive and decide members requests for DPI dispensation
215. To receive Comment & Concerns : Public participation – to hear matters raised by members of
the public or Cllrs with an interest (that are allowed to speak) either on agenda items or for
future consultation (NB for non-agenda items Members of the Council are not permitted to
respond, except to ask questions for the purposes of clarification)
216. To Confirm the Minutes of the previous meetings on 6th January 2020, 13 th January 2020
(precept), and 20 th January 2020.
217. To receive the Clerks Report (for information only)
218. To receive the Police Report & allow members to ask questions for information - If any
219. To receive Reports from CCllr & DCllrs (for information only) - If any
220. Planning
220.1 To consider and comment upon New Planning Applications
220.1.1 2019/21289/LBC Removal of timber fencing and replacement with Beech
hedgerow and dry-stone wall to southern end of site boundary, (Previous application
2019/21070/LBC). At Scaleber farm, Back Lane, Low Bentham, Lancaster, LA2 8NZ.
220.1.2 2020/21335/FUL Change of use of garage to dog grooming business. Proposal
includes amending the existing flat felt roof to a pitched apex roof, the installation of 1
velux window, and solar panels.220.2 To receive Planning Decision - If any (see Clerks Report)
220.3 To receive Correspondence on Planning Issues - If any (see Clerks Report)
221. Highways Matters
221.1 To receive an update the road safety issue at St Johns Church and Cedar House School
221.2 To consider and note Highway Matters for information - If any
222. To note the draft minutes of Finance committee meeting of 2 nd January 2020
223. To consider Buildings matters and quotes
223.1 To discuss the possibility of replacing the hob in the galley kitchen for faster model, and
the offer of a 50% contribution to the cost by “Hip Joint”
223.2 To discuss the request for permission for the use of a special effects in the Pantomime
in February
224. To consider Open Space matters and quotes and agree a way forward
224.1 Ducting quotes
224.2 Crow Trees Yard street lighting quote
224.3 Fence at cemetery quotes
224.4 Condition of ground at kissing gate in cemetery
224.5 Renegotiation of the grass cutting contract for the playing field
225. To receive an update on the Play Area
226. To agree the Accounts for Payments
227. To consider workload in clerk’s office and agree a way forward
228. To discuss request from Bentham News and agree a way forward
228.1 Donation re Heritage Trail
228.2 Request to allow reporter to sit behind the chair to take notes
229. To discuss request from David Livesey regarding mobile phone masts
230. To discuss Christmas Lights committee meeting (27/02/2020) and the possibility of
appointing a council representative
231. To discuss the possible use of the 2020 Calendar photographs on the Bentham Town Council
facebook page and agree a way forward
232. To Receive Reports from Councillors who represent the Council on other bodies (for
information only) - If any
233. Items for next meeting and minor items only
234. Date of next meeting

Christine Downey
Clerk to the Council
29 th January 2020