Councillors & Officials

Your current Councillors and officials are:

    • Chairman/Mayor – Cllr Marion Swales
    • Vice Chairman/Deputy Mayor – Cllr Julie Bridgeman
    • Town Clerk - Chris Downey.


  • Councillors for High Bentham
  • Gareth Adams, Grassrigg, Goodenber Rd, High Bentham, LA2 7JE
  • Tony Burton.    Wynn-Stay. Springfield, High Bentham  LA2 7BE
  • Brian Handford. 24, Lakebed Avenue. High Bentham LA2 7 JJ
  • Howard Hill.   48 Goodenber Road. High Bentham. LA2 7JE
  • Thomas Marshall, 93 Main Street, High Bentham, LA2 7BN
  • Marion Swales, Bull Copy, Tatterthorn Road, High Bentham, LA2 7AJ
  • Robert Taylor, 18 Pye Busk Close, High Bentham, LA2 7BL
  • Thomas Wills.   High Bentham

Councillors for Low Bentham

  • Julie Bridgeman, 1 Ellergill Cottages, Burton Road, Low Bentham LA2 7DZ
  • Diane Faraday.Belfleckers Barn. Low Bentham Rd, Low Bentham. LA2 7BP
  • Tim Stannard, 4 Greenhead Cottages, Low Bentham  LA2 7ES

County Councillor

  • Mr D.L. Ireton, West Fields, Chapel-le-Dale, Ingleton,Via Carnforth, LA6 3JG

District Councillors

  • Mr S Handley,  32, High Street, Burton in Lonsdale,  LA6 3JP
  • Ms L. Brockbank, The Ridding, Low Bentham, LA2 7DE

 MP:  Julian Smith MP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Ms M Ammundsen, 1 Grove Cottages, Main Street. High Bentham, LA2 7HN