As well as meeting on a monthly basis the Council operates four committees covering various aspects of Council work.

Each Councillor sits on 2 committees and these meet, in general, on the second Monday in the month.

The Quarterly Finance Committee meetings tend to be later in the month due to the extra work required in preparing for these following a full Council meeting.

Each committee discusses business pertinent to its area of specialisation and passes pending decisions back to the full Council meetings for resolution.


Cllrs Marshall, Adams, Bridgeman, Swales, Taylor. Faraday


Open Spaces

Cllrs  Bridgeman, Burton, Faraday, Handford, Marshall & Stannard.


Cllrs  Adams, Bridgeman, Burton, Hill, Stannard & Wills.

Building Maintenance

Cllrs Adams, Handford, Hill, Swales, Taylor & Wills.

Council Representatives on Other Bodies

 Body  Representative
Joint Footpaths Cllr Swales
Playing Field Association Cllr Stannard
Goodenber Play Area Cllr Adams
LASRUG Cllr Adams
Police Cllr Marshall
Aid in Sickness Cllr Adams
Looking Well Cllr Swales
Friends of Bentham Library Cllr  Swales
Youth Cafe Cllr Wills
Victoria Institute Cllr Bridgeman
Longstaffe Educational Foundation  Cllr Swales
Bentham Common Land Charity Cllr Stannard (until 2022)
Collingwood & Longstaffe Cllr Marshall (until 20 )
YLCA Craven Branch  Cllr Swales
Bentham Dementia Friendly Community Cllr Stannard
Bentham Area Refugee Support Cllr Taylor
Bentham Christmas Lights Cllr Handford
Bentham Save a Life  Cllr Faraday
Bentham Patient Representative Group Cllr Faraday
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